September 4, 2010

New Releases

**COLOUR PACKS UPDATED (August 2011)**
All hairs are available as 5 colour packs;
Light Blonde Pack:Golden Blonde, Pale Blonde, Golden Platinum, Sweet Blonde, Platinum
Dark Blonde Pack:German Blonde, Strawberry, Sand Blonde, Pale Golden, Vanilla Blonde
Brown Pack:Chocolate Copper, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown, Caramel
Black Pack:Midnight, Jet Black, Black, Grey, White
Red Pack:Hypnotic Red, Cherry Red, Fire Red, Fiery Red, Light Red
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The Designers United Event For Narcissus

If you like to have unique hairs, you can find 2 new exclusive hairs at The Designer United Event between 4th-15th September. After that time they will go for good :)

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The Unicef Project

Truth Hawks has started a short campaign to raise money for UNICEFs current Pakistan Flood Crisis Fund. So I decided to donate %50 of the profit of the Capuccino Hair's to the charity. The period of time will be from the 4th to the 19th of September 2010.

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