April 30, 2011

Liberty City Fashion Show by IMA Inc.

Should wish to register your interest to hold a place among the beautiful distinguished guests, please contact Ananya Mai immediately via nc.

Show Producer: Ananya Mai
Hostess: Francesca Galtier
Liberty City Founder: Mo Miasma
Music: Justice Topaz
Builder: Frasha Boa and Oggy Bonetto
Photographer: Anabella Ravinelli
Show producer: Ananya Mai

The participating Designers on Liberty City are:

1. -Glam Affair- Designer Aida Magic
2. Kim Wardrobe Collection
3. SOURCE Oliviah Inglewood
4. Boudoir Vitabela Dubrovna and Precious Restless
5. ViLada קearℓ Roυx (belen.clarrington)
6. Peqe – INex Hax
7. PIDIDDLE Brutus Martinek
8. BAIASTICE- Sissy Pessoa
9. Ricielli – Fhara Ricielli
10. [sYs] – Systi Cisse and Syane Cisse
11. The Niven Collection – Scarlett Niven
12. The Secret Store – : Maylee Oh

Hair only
14. Loq Hair – Gia Pawpad

Skins only
15. Bare Sensual – Gigi Ponnier
16. ROZENA – Lindsay Rozen
17. LPD skins – Nevery Lorakeet

17. ::PiCHi::. Zxxrysa Magic
18. Morantique Lush – Mo Miasma

Anastacia Markova, Annough Lykin, BlackBarbie Bravin, Hela Azalee, Helen Zhora, Izabelicia Lemton, Luralie Bailey, Petra 13 Cortes, Saleena Hax

April 17, 2011

Exclusive Items For One Year Of TDR

TDR B-Day Gift!!
It's available between 15-29 April just for 40 Linden!!

EXCLUSIVE hair for The Dressing Room Blue..
It has 4 different colours and you can have it all just for 70 Linden between 15-29 April..