August 25, 2012

With new season I want to renew my blogger group for both LoQ and Le Masque Beauté. Our bloggers can access to all our new and old releases as fat packs.

Application requirements:
1)Your blog has to be 6 months old at least.
2)It is important to have an active blog, so you must have minimum one post a week.
3)Your image quality must be high and clear with no deformed shapes.
4)You must blog every item that we sent or you request from us.

If you don't post them over couple of times, you will be removed. If you think you have all this requirements please fill the form below and send it to Gia Pawpad inworld.

Your SL Name:
Your Blog Url:
Your Flickr URL:
Your Feeds:
How long have you been bloging?
How many times do you have a post in a week?

ALSO as a reference please attached a photo which is taken with LoQ hairs and Le Masque skins. Gifts are not accepted because I don't want to work with a person who didn't buy and use any of our products before and is here just for free items.